Some frequently asked questions that may help you.

When are you open?
A: We are open Monday – Friday 8am to 5pm and Saturday – Sunday 8am to 12pm

How far are you from Perth?
A: 30 minutes or less from the CBDE traffic depending.

How far are you from the Airport?
A: About 30-40 minutes travel time (traffic Depending) via Tonkin Highway (approx 32 kms).

Are you close to public transport?
A: Taxi required. 6kms to public transport

Are there trees:
A: No trees are in the storage areas

Is there any ant or dust problems:
A: No

I have not bought my caravan yet. Can I still come and see your storage sites?
A: Of course. Inspections are welcome. Just call to make an appointment.

What is the surface type in your storage areas?
A: Road Base (Bitumen)

Do you have any covered parking?
A: Yes, however there is normally a wait list.

Are you insured?
A: No. We do not have insurance cover to protect you van or any type of vehicle you wish to store on our site. Insurance is your responsibility.

How secure is my van?
A: All vehicles are stored behind a locked gate and are hidden from the passing traffic. The business owner or relieving caretaker lives on site. No guarantees are provided in this modern world. You van is probably just as safe with us as if it was stored on your own driveway or verge.

Can I store my vehicle with you for just a few days?
A: Yes. We offer short term and long term storage.

How do I pay?
A: EFT (online banking)

Have you got spaces available?
A: Yes, we always have room as we have a very large site.