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Our caravan storage Perth clients, keep coming back as they enjoy our friendly service, and we offer affordable storage options for their large or small caravans. In fact, they enjoy storing their caravan with Affordable Caravan Storage here in Perth because of the unique service they receive. Plus they refer their other caravan buddies to us.

Are you tired of seeing your large vehicle assets and Caravans on your property? Or let your neighbour know about us too if they have large assets out the front.

  • Easy and assisted caravan parking
  • Hard stand parking for your caravan or motorhome
  • Our caravan storage is surrounded by secure fences and CCTV
  • Our knowledgeable caretakers, owners Geoff and Vince
    offer friendly caravan help when you need it.

Undercover caravan storage in Perth can be found right here.
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availability. If you can’t find caravan storage in Perth
northern suburbs
, then come south. We are only a trip
down the freeway! And we offer shipping container storage too – visit our website for this service –

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You’ll also find our motorhome storage Perth very popular too, and it’s affordable.


Tips on how to store your caravan

Disclaimer: This advice is general in nature. Affordable Caravan Storage will not be held liable for this following information. If you are unsure, you should obtain professional advice on how to store your caravan, car, boat or trailer.

If at all possible, to protect it from rain damage and UV damage. If this is not possible, consider purchasing a caravan cover. Caravan fittings can be damaged by long term exposure to the elements. It is also unpleasant returning to a wet, dirty van next time you wish to travel. Affordable Caravan Storage has undercover options.

Do your best to park on an even smooth surface, ideally concrete. Bitumen can react chemically with rubber tyres over time. This is why at Affordable Caravan Storage we have a hard stand, not bitumen.

Charge Batteries on a regular basis as these will go flat during storage. This is due to the tiny amounts of power used to operate LEDS, digital clocks, and more. By charging regularly, you can ensure they remain operational.

Freshwater goes stale, so empty your water tanks.

Empty Grey or Black Water! 

To prevent sun damage and fading to your van’s interior close all windows and blinds.

Turn off all gas bottles and refill them.

It’s very important to cover your coupling, especially if your van is not undercover. Cover and dry all electrical connections.

Lubricate corner jacks, hitches, door catches and folding chairs with WD-40.

Turn off the Fridge and Freezer Remove all contents from fridges and freezer, wipe clean, and turn them off. Leave the doors ajar. Purchase Damp Rid or a similar product to help prevent the growth of mould and mildew within your caravan. Leave a vent or two open as well but ensure rain can’t get in.

Clean your van’s exterior so that it is sparkling fresh and ready for your next trip. A slick of polish will help too.

Remove all food and store in screw-top containers and discard and replace before your next trip if expiry dates are due to pass.

Remove items that deteriorate Remove batteries, highlighter and marker pens, glue, insect repellent, sunscreen, deodorant, perfume, etc., as these deteriorate over time.

If your van is in storage, visit it regularly to ensure there are no surprises when it’s time to take it on the road again.

Affordable Caravan Storage in Perth

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