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Our caravan storage clients in Perth keep coming back. They enjoy storing their caravan with Affordable Caravan Storage here in Perth because of the unique service they receive. Plus they refer their other caravan buddies to us.


  • Easy and assisted caravan parking
  • Hard stand parking for your caravan or motorhome
  • Our caravan storage is surrounded by secure fences and CCTV
  • Our knowledgeable caretakers, owners Geoff and Vince
    offer friendly caravan help when you need it.

Undercover caravan storage in Perth can be found right here.
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northern suburbs
, then come south. We are only a trip
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You’ll also find our motorhome storage Perth very popular too, and it’s affordable.

Tips on how to reverse your caravan

Disclaimer: This advice is general in nature. Affordable Caravan Storage will not be held liable for any injury caused to you, or damage to your caravan or other property by following this information. If you are unsure, you should obtain professional instruction on how to drive and park your caravan.

With a bit of practice you will be a real pro when it comes to reversing your caravan.

First, you will quickly notice you have to turn your steering wheel in the opposite direction than you expect to get the caravan moving. If you want your caravan to go to the left, then steer your car to the right. Take things slowly when reversing to allow for correction if needed.

Before reversing, make sure you have a clear view down the caravan using your extension mirrors. Also, it’s good to have spotter in case there are any unseen obstacles. Ensure the spotter is safe and a good distance away from the car and van.

To reverse in a straight line, if you see more of the caravan in your right-hand mirror, bring your right hand down on the steering wheel to straighten your caravan up. If you see more caravan in your left-hand mirror, bring your left hand down.

To reverse around a corner to the right, position the caravan wheels just at the pitch of the turn, then turn your steering wheel anti clockwise (to the left) to begin and apply full lock. Opposite if you are turning a corning to the left. The car pushes the caravan. If you continue in full lock for too the outfit will Jac-knife, so adjust the steering so it follows the caravans course as you edge back. If the van does not end up where you want it, simple pull forward for a short distance and reverse again. Sometimes single axle caravans are easy to manoeuvre by hand, so if you don’t reverse perfectly, you can correct it by hand but only if the ground is solid and flat! Beware of the weight of the van if moving by hand.

Click here for a PDF document for links that may be useful for caravan owners.

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